What's on our minds Multi-Location Landscape Company

Company: Multi-location Landscaping Company (Design. Installation, Maintenance, and Commercial)

Challenge: Large monthly spend to an Atlanta-based agency to manage SEO and pay-per-click advertising. Customer Reviews for Facebook and Google were below 4.0 with a minimal social media presence. The Google My Business Listing had not been maintained. The website had slow response times and call to action buttons were not prominent on the homepage.  The digital marketing reports focused only on traffic increases.

Solution: New Start Media created a 30-Day Marketing and Sales Discovery Plan. During that time, they listened to sales calls and met with the sales team while evaluating all digital media and print marketing material. After the 30-days, they updated the website with technical SEO and restructured the homepage to increase call to action, hired and trained a 3rd party receptionist to stop dropped calls due to an automated messaging system, and focused on increasing review ratings.  New Start Media also built out quality content for social media and the Google My Business Listing. 

Results:  After implementation of tech SEO, homepage layout changes, live answering service, increased review ratings, and updated social media content, there was a 30% increase in lead conversions. Due to the increased conversions via organic channels, the company was able to significantly reduce monthly spending on pay-per-click.  The company’s revenue doubled within 18 months.