What's on our minds Ecommerce Company

Challenge: Large monthly spend to an Atlanta-based agency to manage pay-per-click advertising along with a website development company maintaining the website. The Google my Business Listing and social media had not been maintained. The website ran slow with bugs needing to be fixed. Minimal to no online ordering via the website. Managing both B2B and B2C customers in the store had gotten difficult.

Solution: Implemented technical SEO for eCommerce and fixed the bugs. Added Guest Checkout and Apple Pay for easier online purchasing. Optimized pay-per-click advertising to increase online sales. Restructured and promoted an online ordering portal for landscaping contractors. Focused on reviews and new social media content. Updated Google My Business Listing with products. Created Email campaigns for promotional items. Built out online form fill for B2C customers to streamline the selling process during peak times in the store.

Results: Once changes were made, the company tripled online sales, and monthly revenue from pay-per-click ads was more than ad spend. Calls from Google My Business listing doubled and the B2C form fills helped to capture customer information for follow-up sales calls. Landscape contractors started to actively use the online ordering portal to increase recurring revenue.